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About Rachel

Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Rachel, I am a lover of the outdoors and being in nature and enjoy muay thai/bjj, kundalini yoga and dancing. I appreciate exploring new places, perspectives and cultures, and am smitten with my two adorable little nephews. Through my own healing journey, I hold a keen interest in understanding trauma, psychology and the human experience and seeking continual learning and self development. My areas of interest include shamanic wisdom teachings, body psychotherapy, inner child and parts work, tantra, self inquiry dance, and motivational and esoteric psychology.

I am committed to the creation of a world with a little more acceptance and compassion and am passionate about practicing the art of allowing life to flow through the body: welcoming the full spectrum of emotion as part of the human experience and truly being in life experiencing its fullness; dropping all inner resistance - to all changing phenomena, without exception; reconnecting with the parts of ourselves that have been denied, disowned or avoided to reclaim the power, gifts and authenticity that lie within them; riding the waves of life and inviting more celebration, effortlessness and fluidity to reveal the beauty in all experiences, people and moments; and to reconnect with what inspires and delights you, that sense of aliveness, the childlike spirit that's brimming with wonder, curiosity and joy. As the saying goes: we teach what we need to learn - what I offer comes from a place of walking the path, and as an apprentice on this path of bodywork, tantra and shamanism, I continue learning lessons in this field everyday.

I promote offerings that support the whole being including the mind, body, emotion and spirit, and advocate for progressive approaches to addressing complex social phenomena. We live in a culture categorised by chronic stress, materiality and technology dependence, and a historical time period laden with chaos, fear and uncertainty. Mental health rates remain staggeringly high, relapse and treatment resistant cases are common, and with frequent discussions of the 'loneliness epidemic' and 'touch starvation' (exacerbated by the impact of covid-19), humanity urgently needs more widespread mind-body and therapeutic touch approaches to revolutionise and complement the modern mental health and wellbeing space.

This extends to a long term vision of redefining 'mental health' for the most part as adaptive coping strategies that are highly intelligent and born from dysfunctional family dynamics and societal conditioning. The antidote being to tap people back into their organic, innate health via the art of rebuilding our relationship and connection with all things - a remembrance journey back into right relationship with ourselves, fellow humans and the natural world that sustains and holds us. Where the thoughts and perspectives we choose move us further into our sovereignty, authenticity and heart space - and from this way of being, the entire life of people, eventually given over to one long work of art: the art of living.

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“Imagination, devotion, perseverance, together with divine grace, will assure your success”

Haile Selassie

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Certifications, Trainings & Courses

Tantric Bodywork Practitioner Training - Devotional Bodywork, Brisbane
1:1 Mentoring in shamanic incantation (currently undertaking)
Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator Training - Holly Wodetzki, Brisbane 
International School of Temple Arts Level I - Ivory Rocks, Janine Ma-Ree 
Hawaiian KaHuna Bodywork Practitioner Training - Mette's Institute, Kin Kin  
Attunement Therapy Practitioner Training - Tristan Bray, Coolum Australia
NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Coaching Practitioner Training - Gen Lai, Canberra 
Heartworks Lomi Lomi Practitioner Training - Ellen McCall, Central Coast 
Tantric An Mo Massage Practitioner Training, Catherine Wood, Perth
Tantric Practitioner Training - Catherine Wood, Perth 
Reiki I & II - Kylie Blacksell, Canberra 
Access Consciousness Bars - Sue Oliver, Canberra 
Clinical PhD/Masters in Psychology (discontinued due to injury) 
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), University of Canberra
Rhythmical Massage Course - Holistic Massage Centre
Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy Module - Institute of Body Psychotherapy
Shamanic journeying trainings - Sharon Bolt & Joseph Callendar, Melbourne 

Emotional Release Therapy Workshop - Pat Jackman, Portland USA
Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork Series - Bianca Moeschinger, Melbourne 
VITA Women's Sexuality online membership - Layla Martin, USA

Ecstatic Breathwork and Meditation online courses - Scott Schwenk, USA
Other trainings and workshops in areas such as yoga nidra, crania sacral therapy and kundalini yoga. Regular personal journeying with plant medicines, healing work and mentoring by practitioners specialising in varying modalities. 

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