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Attunement Therapy

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The Origins of Attunement Therapy

​"Disconnection is the root cause of so much of the pain present in society today, and connection is the antidote" - Tristan Bray

Attunement Therapy is a direct response to reading the same message from health professionals of many medical and healing modalities: dismay towards the state of human health on the planet. They talk about a "missing piece of the puzzle" that mainstream culture has been unwilling to address until now, which is that we are disconnected from one another. Yet, paradoxically, the damage runs so deep that many of us do not realise that we are disconnected. Sadly, due to many factors in the West, such as scarcity, competition, trauma, latent religious values and government policy, we live in a society that has hyper-normalized a physical intimacy deficit, and it has become unmentionably normal. Those who seek to easily increase their emotional and physical health need a unique form of healing that is simple, quick, effective and requires minimal tools or training to share, and Attunement Therapy may provide the answer.

Although our culture is desperate for a healing modality as "radical" and accessible as Attunement Therapy, this same culture is also conditioned to require a healing modality this "left of field" to be scientifically and medically evidenced and ethically respectable. This is the mission of Attunement Therapy: to de-radicalize human touch and help create a new culture where non-sexual intimacy is normalized as a scientifically verified and common sense pathway to healing, as well as a way of simply being to maintain optimum health and be in communion with others as a return to our natural state. Attunement Therapy is built from the science of child brain development, which is underpinned by humans being physiologically wired for physical connection with one another. If we take a brief glance at the worsening state of loneliness, depression, drug use and suicide all around us, we can see that physical human connection is key to repairing and enriching people’s way of life. 

Attunement Therapy generates a deep level of relaxation, which in turn allows an individual to access a super-conscious, connected physiological state (aka inner voice or higher self). Their body’s natural healing intelligence takes them on a inner journey back to health, where, metaphorically, the unconscious parts of their mind are put behind the steering wheel and lead them to the emotions and memories they most need to process. This is often followed by automatic relevant emotional insight, realizations and affirmation that allows them to let go of past issues. Being held in this way reconnects them with a sense peace and enthusiasm toward their past, present and future.

Attunement Therapy is incredibly non-invasive and gentle, has the potential to pair seamlessly with and complement other modalities, and provides benefits for a wide range of psychological symptoms. It offers a chance to be heard, seen, felt and held, acknowledging that sometimes nothing needs to be said or analysed or "worked on" - it simply allows you to be in the womb-like comfort and safety of a human embrace. Yet it works deeply with your unconscious mind and in powerful, indirect ways. A lot of healing occurs effortlessly within the individual and without significant amounts of practitioner input; this is empowering as people lead themselves back to their own heart, remembering their self-worth and that it is their birthright to love and be loved.

(Abbreviated from the Attunement Therapy website. Learn more about the origins of Attunement Therapy and founder, Tristan Bray, here).

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Ethics Board

The Attunement Therapy Board of Ethics is available to hear any client’s feedback and any possible complaint that a client feels they need to express about their session. This board is made up of certified Attunement Therapists from diverse backgrounds and has been set up to protect the safety of all Attunement Therapy clients and the growth of this important modality.

Client feedback is valued as it will help the safe growth of this healing modality. Please feel free to contact any member and they will distribute your message to the Board for deliberation. Board member contact details can be found here. New clients are required to sign a consent and waiver.

Attunement Origins: News

“The human body is a river of intelligence, energy and information that is constantly renewing itself in every second of its existence”

Deepak Chopra

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