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Intimacy Coaching & 
Tantric Bodywork

Tantric Bodywork: Welcome

Curious to experience tantric rituals to become a better lover or reignite the spark in your relationship? Do you want to awaken your heart and explore deeper intimacy within self and your relationships? Do you desire to learn how to surrender into the bliss of longer lasting and full body orgasms?

Tantric Bodywork: Text

There is a growing interest nowadays to explore the nature of our sexuality and sensual self, expanding our capacity for orgasmic potential and deepening intimacy in connection. Neotantra is a modernised branch of Tantra that focuses on sacred sexuality and is underpinned by some of the ancient teachings of Tantra alongside incorporating a fusion of new age modalities and methods. 

Intimacy Coaching and Tantric Bodywork is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery to nurture, deepen and awaken the sensual self. Sessions invite you into deeper connection with your body and senses, cultivating the presence and sensitivity to experience new sensations and states of consciousness.. ultimately building the foundations for deeper intimacy with self and fulfilment in your relationships. 

  • Release tension and stress

  • Relax your mind and surrender into the magic of your body

  • Unlock braced/stagnant energy

  • Allow eros to awaken and move throughout your body

  • Expand your capacity to feel pleasure and bliss

  • Tune into your partner's needs

  • Open to honest and powerful conversations in the bedroom

  • Return to your natural state of deep relaxation and arousal

  • Realise personalised experiences of oneness or union with divinity

  • Feel deeply accepted, nurtured and cared for

  • Cultivate sexual energy to fuel your passion, purpose and goals

  • Build confidence and ease in your sex life

Sessions can include coaching and bodywork experiences in areas including emotional intimacy, communication, boundary setting, increased body awareness, erotic trance, full body orgasm, sensate focus, energetic intimacy, and tools to harness your sexual energy like breath, sound and movement practices.

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Men/Lingam Owners

Tantric bodywork is a hands-on, whole-body, holistic approach to massage that supports you to slow down, attune more deeply to your body and strengthen the connection between your heart and sex centre. 

Designed to take your body on a journey into deep relaxation and bliss, tantric bodywork reconnects you with your essence and reignites your vitality, passion and pleasure. Sessions offer a unique opportunity to treat your body as a temple and allow the mind to enter a restorative, altered sate of consciousness, leaving stress and shame behind to fully receive without any expectation to perform or give back. 

In Tantra, lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis, known as the “wand of light”, and is recognised as the source of masculine power and presence. Tantric bodywork is a sacred ritual that reconnects you with your Eros (life-force energy) through whole-body honouring. Sessions allow space to unwind tension, deeply relax, let go of the mind and be held, nurtured and cared for where there is nothing for you to do or be. 

The practice of tantric bodywork is a goalless experience guided by the intelligence of your body. This opens the potential to dive deep into the magic of the body and allow whatever needs to come into expression in each moment. All of you is welcome and celebrated. Guidance is offered to support you to cultivate deeper presence and sensitivity in your body, allowing you to feel more and attune to subtle pleasure pathways within the body. While bliss and orgasmic states are common, the focus of the session is to open the body into a state of deep relaxation, allowing the body to unfold, express and receive what it needs in each moment. 

Tantric bodywork offers an experience to receive transmissions of the sacredness of sexuality, connecting all aspects of your being, where your body can in turn transmit this during lovemaking. Sessions are tailored to your needs and your boundaries are honoured so that you’ll always feel comfortable and 100% in control. 

Gift yourself an immersive, sensory rich experience that allows you to surrender into relaxed and expansive arousal while opening you to the beauty of your body, heart and truth in an effortless and enriching way.

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Image by Marek Piwnicki

Do you need support with any of the following?

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Low sex drive

  • Performance anxiety

  • Fixation on quick ‘peak and deplete’ type orgasms

  • Body or Sexuality shame, guilt, anxiety, awkwardness or fear 

  • Difficulty connecting intimately with self and partners

  • Addiction to porn and release or habitual pathways of pleasure

  • Feeling desensitized and only achieving orgasm through hard and fast stimulation

  • Arousal primarily gained externally or mentally with limited internal body and energy awareness

Tantric Bodywork: About

Sacred Spot Prostate Massage

Sacred Spot Prostate Massage is a form of tantric massage in which you receive stimulation of your prostate gland via a gloved finger using lubricant to access the prostate through the anus. Prostate touch is incorporated into a full tantric massage experience, including massage of the lingam, testicles, perineum, sacred spot and entire body, to allow you to totally relax, let go and fully surrender.

The prostate is known as the male’s emotional sex centre and is a part of the body that often holds tension and stored emotions. Gentle stimulation can offer a space to let go of the pressures and stresses of life and expectations of your masculinity in the bedroom and society more generally. It allows you to be touched at the centre of your being and dissolve into deeper states of relief, relaxation and pleasure.

The prostate is packed full of sensitive nerve endings and can produce highly stimulating pleasure that is not available through other means, such as sex or penis stimulation. A pure prostate orgasm is experienced differently to penis stimulation in that it often produces sensations that ripple through the entire body (rather than being confined to the genitals), and like the female G-spot, can lead to orgasms that are more powerful and stronger than those received through penile stimulation alone.

Many men shy away from a prostate massage due to societal stigma and misconceptions. Sacred Spot Prostate Massage (or anal play in general) does not determine your sexuality or make you homosexual. Regardless of your sexuality, every anus and prostate has millions of sensitive nerve endings and the capacity to allow you to access more of your pleasure, life force energy and true nature. In a society that is bombarded with artificial and quick release dopamine hits and external stimulation, returning home to your body and the plethora of innate, self-sourced pleasurable sensations it contains can be potent medicine for health and wellbeing.


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Benefits of Prostate Massage

Some of the reported benefits of prostate massage include:​

  • Improves erectile function by releasing chronic constriction in the pelvis, increasing blood flow into the penis, releasing seminal fluid, reducing inflammation and flushing toxins and bacteria out of your body

  • Regular prostate massage reduces health risks of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, and frequent night time urination

  • Lessens painful ejaculation caused by inflammation by eliminating toxins, stagnant energy and suppressed emotions stored in the prostate

  • Intensify orgasms and opens the body to self-sourced power and potential multiple orgasms 

  • Regular prostate massage can lead to firmer erections

  • Integrates feminine polarity via offering you experiences of states like receptivity, surrender, feeling, connecting and being vulnerable. Receiving penetration allows greater sensitivity and awareness when you bring your powerful penetrative energy to lovers​

Image by Marek Piwnicki
Tantric Bodywork: About

Client Expectations

Please note: 

  • I DO NOT work with people seeking an erotic service or personal connection with me.

  • I DO NOT provide stress relief/'rub n tug' services, take requests for sexual acts, role play personal fantasies, act as a surrogate partner or an object to get a 'hit' of the feminine, or fill emotional voids like companionship or affection.

  • There is no kissing, body rubs, oral or intercourse. I do not get naked. All touch is one-way from practitioner to client. 

Please check in with your genuine intentions and alignment to this specific service offering before inquiring. Sessions will be terminated without refund if this energy is present. Further information can be found on the FAQ page.

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Intimacy Coaching & Tantric Bodywork

Option 1

These sessions are designed to be a non-invasive alternative to working with intimacy and sexual energy. They can accommodate your individual needs such as remaining fully clothed and bringing presence to the body through gentle holds, exploring the power and bliss of sensual bodywork without genital touch, being an entry point into genital-based bodywork, offering a space to develop a rapport with me or discern if I resonate with you for deeper explorations, or to honour the boundaries of partners for those in committed relationships. These sessions do not include genital touch.

75 mins ~ $190
90 mins ~ $250

Option 2

These sessions are designed to work with sexual energy and involve genital touch and sacred lingam/prostate honouring (within your boundaries and consent) to clear energetic blocks, reconnect pleasure pathways and return the body to its natural state of relaxed arousal). Initial visits include a pre-massage consult (approx. 10-20mins).

2 hours ~ $350
2.5 hours ~ $420
3 hours ~ $490

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FAQ and Bookings

Please visit the FAQ page before inquiring about a booking.

All booking requests are to be made via email. Private booking links will be emailed to you to select a convenient appointment time.

I look forward to honouring and meeting you on this inward, sensual journey.

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Tantric Bodywork: Pro Gallery
Image by Anders Jildén

"Pleasure awakens the body, wisdom awakens the mind, joy awakens the heart, and love awakens the soul"

Matshona Dhliwayo

Tantric Bodywork: Quote
Tantric Bodywork: Testimonials

I had the absolute pleasure of my first bodywork session with Rachel. WOW! It was AMAZING. I was blown away and in this blissed out state for days afterwards The massage was so, so beautiful in many layered ways.

Rachel created a safe space and with her calming intuition and gentle touch, guided me through with lots of focus on my breathing and sound, which connected me into my life force energy, gradually unlocking the most sensual, energetic experience. Literally a whole-body orgasm that seemed to last endlessly! The whole of mind-body connection and my highly energised state was the most blissful experience I've ever had, and Rachel made the experience of sensual energy feel normal, grounded and heart-centred.

Many thanks again - you've got incredible energy and intuition.


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