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Sound Journey

Sound Journey: Welcome
Bonfire in Sand

Sound Journey

Experience a shamanic inspired sound journey, incorporating a guided meditation, sound bath and blessing. Offer yourself an effortless way to slow down and receive by being bathed in the restorative power of sound vibrations. 

Designed to take your body on a journey into deep relaxation and inward investigation, the sound journey incorporates musical instruments such as the Peruvian shaker, leaf rattle, frame drum, koshi bells and Tibetan singing bowl, along with intuitive voice or Shipibo icaro, which are songs that come from spirit and use Shipibo vocables, pure sound and healing frequencies.

Indigenous societies around the world have traditionally used sound in ceremonies and there is a rise in its use in the present day alternative health field. Sound journeys involve facilitating a shift into a meditative state via the application of sound waves and harmonic vibrations to the body. The use of rhythm and frequency entrains our brainwaves into states conducive to relaxation and connection with the deeper self, and allows the body to repair inner imbalances.

The gentle art of blessing is a simple and beautiful gift that intends to usher in positive energy and strengthen us in subtle yet powerful ways. Blessings call on the energies of the unmanifest world, such as nature, elements or directions and ancestors, to seek their support and guidance in our lives in specific ways. Blessings can empower and uplift us, bring us back into right relationship with ourselves, cultivate acceptance and inner peace, or protect and guide us.

Who is this for?

  • Those drawn to the traditional lost arts of sound, ceremony and blessing.

  • Those seeking a unique, self-care experience to restore the entire being.

  • Those seeking a new means of calming the mind, letting go of tension and bring the whole system back into harmony and ease. 

  • Supportive during life transitions or challenges, integration following inner work or recent shifts, or to bring about changes in your life.

What is involved?

Sessions commence with eucalyptus smoke smudging and hot towels for the feet before settling onto the massage table. A guided meditation supports to begin to drop into relaxation followed by the sound journey and closing with a blessing and time for silence and integration. 

What are the benefits?

Benefits may include:​​​​

  • De-stressing, soothing the nervous system and returning to centre 

  • Accessing deeper layers of relaxation and stillness 

  • Increased energy, mental clarity and creativity

  • Cleansing and detoxifying the body

  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and pain relief

  • Enhanced quality of sleep and improved mood 

  • Releasing energetic or emotional holdings

  • Expanded self awareness and deeper inner alignment ​

Sound Journey: About
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