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Emotional Integration Bodywork

Emotional Integration Bodywork: Welcome
Image by Ian Keefe

Emotional Integration Bodywork

Reconnect with the wisdom of your body in a safe and loving way through compassionate and present touch. Feel supported to surrender outdated emotional and mental patterns to live congruently from your heart with greater vitality, presence and purpose. 

Emotional Integration Bodywork is a holistic, hands-on therapy designed to activate the body’s natural healing intelligence. Sessions may combine NLP, inner child and parts work theory, breath and energy work, or holistic massage. This modality is about relaxing the mind and orienting our attention inwards to open up a channel of communication with the body.

Many people spend much of their life lived in their head and attempt to resolve chronic challenges or repeated patterns of behaviour by cognitively “working them out”. If resolve is not found, it is likely that the patterning or trauma is stored at a cellular, nervous system level and needs to be released via the body. Although titled “emotional integration” bodywork, sessions can work with the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical body. Every session is unique and the body offers the next layer of content that is ready to be witnessed and integrated. This style views the person in their wholeness and takes an approach of curious inquiry rather than the "fixing"/pathological/therapy lens. All of you is welcome to show up and together we meet each moment curiously and warmly to connect with whatever is authentically alive within you.  

Sessions allow for a reconnection with the underlying emotions, sensations and thoughts to be metabolised and integrated back into our system with a greater sense of wholeness. By welcoming these aspects to be felt and heard, we reveal the personal needs, truths and wisdom underlying these emotions and an opportunity to give ourselves the experience of what we haven’t received in the past in order to move forward in life making the most aligned and healthy choices available to us.

Who is this for?

  • Those wanting to create change in their lives, to access unexplored aspects of their being, to practice deep trust and surrender, and to come into alignment with your truth, presence and joy.

  • Supportive during life transitions, challenges, or changes in your life or experiencing a sense of "stuckness".

What is involved?

Sessions open with gaining an understanding of your intentions for the session. The bodywork component is offered on a massage table where you are draped like that of a traditional massage. A range of bodywork techniques are used, such as non-invasive trigger point holds, muscle releases, holistic massage and energetic activations, in combination with guidance to track sensations and utilise your breath, sounding and movement. Sessions close with stillness to integrate followed by time to discuss any reflections, questions or insights.

What are the benefits?

Benefits may include:​​​​​

  • Accessing deeper layers of relaxation and stillness 

  • Releasing energetic or emotional holdings

  • Improved functioning of the vagus nerve and restoring balance to the nervous system

  • Enhanced immune, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic & digestive function 

  • Greater inner spaciousness and enhanced vitality and quality of sleep

  • Deeper body awareness, i.e., being more in touch with and connected to your own body

  • Expanded self awareness, fresh inspiration & deeper inner alignment 

Emotional Integration Bodywork: About
Image by John Jackson

“There’s a lot of neuroscience now raising the question, ‘Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?’, and they’re finding out that, no, it’s not like that. The body has intelligence itself, and we’re much more of an organic creature in that way”

Joel Kinnaman

Emotional Integration Bodywork: Quote
Emotional Integration Bodywork: Testimonials

I am speechless, Rachel. I can't thank you enough for your support and comfort. After my first bodywork session, I loved the ongoing quiet inner sounds and processing of the energy that had moved through me. I actually had never felt like that before and to open my heart was quite challenging and you made it possible. I went to so many emotions and places inside me. There were tears and happiness, I felt lots of unwanted and hurtful experiences resurface to be acknowledged but now they have finally let go.

Over time these sessions with you have brought joy to my heart and freed my mind. It is the kick start I needed to get excited about life again. I feel greater clarity and internally happier and more peaceful thanks to your help.


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